week 47 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 47 – 52 Collages 2014

Snow! At the beginning of the week we got a little snowfall; nothing much – just an inch or two – but Liam of course wanted to sing Let it Go while running through the snow dressed as Elsa. Just a typical day in the Karpiuk household! Lila turned 9 months old this week and also got sick with a fever for the first time – double ear infection, ick. On the first day she was home sick she crawled all over the house looking for Liam (who was at school) and couldn’t find him. Then she found him – a picture of him on the wall above the couch. She apparently “talked” to the …

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week 46 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 46 – 52 Collages 2014

This week Liam put on his chef’s hat and apron and helped to bake a pumpkin pie for daddy as a late birthday present. Lila tried to help, but wasn’t quite big enough. Tuesday was Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day. We received our photos back from our family photographer, Kristi Powell, and absolutely love them. I attended the HECC conference downtown this week, and on the weekend we lounged in our jammies. Liam tried ice skating again and decided it was hard, but still kept trying with a lot of determination. Daddy helped show him how to balance. I think Liam is interested in going back again soon!

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week 45 - 52collages 2014

Week 45 – 52 Collages 2014

Halloween may be over, but Liam doesn’t want to stop wearing his Elsa dress. This week I attended two live events – Alton Brown with Lucas for an early birthday present, and the Jason Mraz & Raining Jane concert with my friend Darla. Both were absolutely wonderful performances, and I’m so glad to have been able to attend! Alton Brown was a fantastically funny storyteller. What a great birthday present! Jason Mraz is one of my favorites, and so now I can cross that one off my bucket list. He sounded great live! Liam proudly wore my “I voted” sticker after I voted on Tuesday, and I took one for the team and let students …

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week 44 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 44 – 52 Collages 2014

Happy Halloween! We had our family photos on Sunday, and then snapped a few more pics at home with our finished painted pumpkins outside in the sunshine. The sun only lasted the first part of the week, though, and by mid-week the temperature had dropped significantly… just in time for Halloween on Friday, the coldest day of all! Liam went on a school field trip with daddy to a local farm where they went on a tractor ride and learned about apple cider. For Halloween, both kids went trick-or-treating in their school holiday parade. Just look at how fabulous their costumes were! Liam was Elsa from Frozen, and Lila was Anna from Frozen. They made an adorable pair. …

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week 43 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 43 – 52 Collages 2014

What a BEAUTIFUL fall week! The weather was gorgeous and we spent a good chunk of the weekend outdoors attending a birthday party for one of Liam’s friends at a park, and getting our own family photos taken by a friend. (Can’t wait for a preview of those in an upcoming collage!) Speaking of our family photos, Liam spent most of the week practicing his best smile, which you’ve gotta admit is perfect. Lila got her first baby shoes (with owls of course) and is walking all over the living room with her little walker. Liam’s classmate threw a fall-themed playground party and the two were inseparable. (And seriously, how adorable are they together?!) We …

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week 42 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 42 – 52 Collages 2014

Happy Fall Break! Though the long fall break weekend is coming to a close now, the past week has been wonderful. The kids had a “picnic” together in the hallway, and I’ve begun work on Lila’s Halloween costume… Anna from Frozen. (Because Liam is going to be Elsa, naturally.) What do you think of her crochet hair hat? As part of spirit week at school, the kids and I got all decked out in our Calgary Flames gear and looked pretty fabulous representing our hockey team. It was a short week, and while the kids enjoyed adventures with grandma and grandpa, Lucas and I took a quick road trip to the Canadian side of Niagara …

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Week 41 - 52collages - thekarpiuks

Week 41 – 52 Collages 2014

It’s the second week of October and it doesn’t seem possible that Halloween is coming up soon. We’re getting ready by making Lila’s first Halloween costume; she will be Anna from Frozen, to go with Liam, who will be Elsa. I crocheted Lila some Anna “hair” – a hat with braids. As Lila gets bigger and bigger (she’s growing so fast!) the kids have become pretty inseparable. They’re almost always playing together! Lila really loves school and recently did her first piece of school artwork: finger painting with grape jelly to make a jelly fish. It was a rainy week and Liam investigated worms on the driveway with George. We stayed in and read a …

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week 40 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 40 – 52 Collages 2014

Week 40! Only 12 weeks left in 2014 – it feels like the year has gone by quickly. This week it got cold – seeya, summer! We were scrambling for toques, jackets, and long sleeves to enjoy the little local airport’s fly-in barbecue lunch with grandma and grandpa. It was chilly, but we still had fun watching planes take off and land. On the weekend the kids and I had a lazy Saturday, climbing cushion mountains, building castles from LEGO, and splashing in the bath tub. Lila tried using a sippy cup with some success, and Liam successfully dressed himself in some good, warm clothing so that he could play outside. (Those cowboy boots totally …

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