I love you. ... I know.
I love you. ... I know.

Liam sure is proud of his Millennium Falcon. He’s gotten lots of emails about it over the past few weeks. No one was more impressed by his sweet ride than his girlfriend, Emerald, though. When Emerald and her parents (Our good friends Jake and Jenn) visited us this week, our little Han Solo couldn’t wait to share with his Princess Leia. You know we had to take pictures, right? I’ll let them tell the story.




And the rest is history. Do you like how our Han Solo decided that formal wear was the way to go to impress his princess, instead of his everyday smuggler’s getup? Little do they know that this meeting is only the beginning of their future happily ever after together… in a galaxy far, far away.

To check out all of our pics of Liam’s Millennium Falcon and how we made it from start to finish, including pics of Liam posing with his schnauzer wookiee sidekick and romancing the lovely Princess Emerald, check out our Flickr gallery: We Made the Millennium Falcon. Love and thanks to Jake and Jenn for their permission to share Emmy’s photos. If you’d like to contact them, drop us a line.

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