So far we’ve attended two check-ups since our big pregnancy news. Our late December appointment went well; we just heard the heartbeat again and talked with the doctor about any concerns. I’m not having any nausea or problems so I’m feeling pretty good right now!

Today we had our January check-up appointment, and babyK decided to turn and then try and hide behind the placenta, making it tricky to hear the heartbeat. Little does he/she know that hiding is futile! We instead got to take a peek via ultrasound to make sure all was well, and lo and behold… there they were! The heartbeat was still strong and steady at 160 BPM. We’re right on track and everything looks perfect so far! We’re planning to find out the sex at our next appointment on February 21! (I still think it’s a girl!)

The photo shown is of our second ultrasound – January 17, 2011, 16 weeks

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately thanks to my Kindle, and I’ll have more on that soon! :)