The Karpiuks are a little geek family living happily ever after.

We’re newish parents. We’re raising readers. We love hockey. We take LOTS of pictures. We’re nerdy. We love to cook and make all kinds of other stuff, too. (Mama makes geeky soap over at!) We’ve lived in Canada and the U.S. and have family and friends in both places so we love to travel. Oh, and we’re awesome. Incredibly awesome. So much so that we really should have our own sitcom. (And often pretend that we do.)

So yeah, I guess this is your typical family blog, an ongoing project that we started back in 2006, formerly under the name Look At Us Go! To us, it’s a place to collect and archive the memories that make up our life story together. A place to writer letters to our kidsĀ and talk about food and all of the crafty stuff we make and do. A place to share inspiration, a place for the funny, and a place to share our life in pictures. A place we call home.

Our logo is a modified family photo of us taken by Kristi Powell Photography. She’s amazing!

Feel free to drop us a line.