Our Pirate Pub Crawl 2006 was a success! We had 12-13 pirates in full attire yarrr’ing up and down 17th Avenue, making a complete spectacle of ourselves. We got a lot of comments from onlookers; some yarrr’d, some laughed, some looked at us as if we were crazy, (they’d be at least half right) and the best were the ones who completely tried to ignore us as if we were a normal occurrence. It was surprising how many random people on the street actually knew about Talk Like a Pirate Day and realized that’s what we were out celebrating for. One thing’s for sure: we drew a lot of attention to …

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ZOMG Pictures Updated!

After such an eventful weekend attending and celebrating the wedding of our friends, Kali and Caley, I decided it was high time I updated our photo gallery. Along with the wedding photos, there’s a new picture or two of Oliver and I; we got our pictures “professionally” done a few weeks ago at Petcetera and Lucas took some great shots of Ollie and I in Prince’s Island Park this weekend, too.
Speaking of pictures, I’m sure you’ll want to check back after this weekend- our Pirate Pub Crawl- there will undoubtedly be a ton of new swashbucklin’ photos to take a gander at. And no, for the last time… we did not make this …

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Calgary Observations and Common Canadian Misconceptions

I’ve been here nearly three months, and I love the transit system. Thay may sound silly, but I didn’t grow up with a major public transportation system… at least not a full-on train system in addition to a bus system like here. I get all excited when I have to travel downtown for something and I get to take the train in. I’m a people watcher; I enjoy watching all different kinds of people, and the train is definitely the place to see a wide variety of people. I went downtown the other day to meet with Lucas for his lunch break, and the trip home was no exception to the …

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