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photo © Baby Be Mine

All About Belly Bands

photo © Baby Be Mine
Oh the cool gadgets and items you discover when you’re pregnant.
I’d heard of belly bands from several friends, and they seem to be quite the popular pregnancy contraption. I didn’t quite understand what they were for until I began looking them up a couple weeks ago, and it was then that I realized that “belly band” was not a brand name, and that there were a lot of people out there selling belly bands. But more on that a little later. First, I needed to know exactly what belly bands were. Did I need one?
Belly bands are like long, stretchy body shapers. They’re simply an elongated ring of fabric meant to …

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Belly Laughs & How NOT to be a Perfect Mother

As I mentioned in my most recent post, I’ve been doing a lot of baby book reading lately. The first two books I wanted to highlight and review come from my “real mom” category. These books were written from an honest point of view in a humorous way to help the reader relax and stress less about having a baby. As I said before, these moms share the very real ups and downs of pregnancy but in a way that helps you feel like you have someone to relate to instead of feeling like you should panic. They’re not full of lofty parenting methods or scare tactics, but instead help you feel confident that you, …

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Baby Books

As an excited first time mom to be, I’ve of course gotten sucked in to reading various books during my pregnancy. I’ll admit having a brand new Kindle that I am in love with has been a big part of that. ;)  I’ve done my best to pick books with good reviews and free of a condescending tone, because I am more interested in the science behind baby’s development and factual information I can use or relate to, versus a book who tells me that there is only one right way to give birth and raise a child. The parenting will come, but for now I just want to learn all I can about what’s …

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