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Happy November!

I have become one of those business suit and tennis shoes members of the downtown core.
Over the weekend we had a tiny wave or two of very light snow; enough to dust the ground and cold enough overnight to form little patches of ice on the sidewalk. As proud as I am of the fact that I am quite capable in heels and haven’t fallen or tripped since re-entering the business world after becoming a Permanent Resident, I don’t really want to tempt fate. There’s no sense in ruining my perfect record, right? Heels and ice with as much walking as I do back and forth to work doesn’t sound like a …

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Weddings and Glaciers and Snow Crabs, Oh My!

Congratulations again to Herman and Holly! Over the long weekend Lucas and I traveled back to Indiana to be in my little brother’s wedding. We had a blast! It was a really fun time and it was great seeing my little brother all grown up and getting married. And of course, Holly was beautiful. It seems like the weekend went by really fast, but I guess that’s because it was so busy. The newly married couple are now lounging on a beach somewhere in Cancun — I hope they get us a souvenir! We got back on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day, so happy belated Thanksgiving! We plan to make …

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I think fall has officially arrived, but I’m not 100% sure because we’re talking about Calgary, where the weather is never a sure thing.
In my defense, we’ve had a day or two here and there where I’ve thought to myself “Ooh, it’s a little chilly out” as I was leaving for work in the morning, but as of Friday, there have been multiple days now where it’s actually flat out cold in the morning. Not just a little chilly, but actually cold. Friday morning I could actually taste autumn; it was definitely in the air. It may seem a little early considering it’s still August, but then I think back to how I blinked …

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