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2007: A Mouth Odyssey

Had my first set of dental extractions yesterday. Five teeth in total – one because it was a wisdom, but the others because they’ve decayed so badly they pose a potential threat to my oral health.
The appointment was scheduled to run 1 hour, but ran into 2. The first tooth had to be split into 3 pieces and dug out forcibly. After that, the others practically jumped out of their own accord.
We had some issues with the bleeding that didn’t get under control for about 8 hours, which was a little scary – but now we know better for the next set (I wasn’t applying enough pressure to the sockets with the gauze).
To be honest, …

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die Weißstreifen!

You may know them as The White Stripes.
Whatever you call them, Lesley and I were lucky enough to get floor tickets last night to see them here in Calgary.
We arrived around 7:45 and milled around the foyer until the opening act was done (no offense, opening act, I’m sure you were magnificent in your own right) visiting with Caley, buying beer, making fun of what some people were passing off as stylish clothing these days (yes, mr. white belt and shoes with blue slacks, I’m talking to you).
The acoustics in the Saddledome are dreadful. Most sound techs try to overcome this through brute-force volume, and this was no exception; this tactic works in cases where …

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It’s Official: I’m Official!

So the day we’ve been waiting 9 months for finally arrived: as of today, May 17, 2007… I am an official Permanent Resident of Canada! As I reported a few posts ago, I received notification at the end of April/first of May that I was approved for Permanent Residency, but today was the actual day I went in to the Calgary Immigration office to be granted the official status.

I know there was no reason to be nervous, but my stomach was doing flip flops all morning. I kept worrying that I would forget some important piece of ID, or the photos I had to have done wouldn’t be perfectly to spec… I was just worrying …

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