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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving wishes! This long weekend was very busy, and there’s lots of new pictures to share. Oliver’s 4th birthday was Friday, the Flames vs. Edmonton home game was Saturday, and we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy, Vicki, Clay, and Allison on Sunday. (The food was delicious, by the way!) Today we’re relaxing and enjoying the extra long weekend day off.
You’ll find all of the new pictures in our gallery. Oliver’s birthday pictures are under Oliver->Fourth Birthday (2006). Pictures from the Flames game Saturday are under Miscellaneous->Flames Game Oct 7 2006, and Thanksgiving pictures are filed under Miscellaneous->Canadian Thanksgiving 2006. Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving!
P.s.- For anyone having any …

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Our Pirate Pub Crawl 2006 was a success! We had 12-13 pirates in full attire yarrr’ing up and down 17th Avenue, making a complete spectacle of ourselves. We got a lot of comments from onlookers; some yarrr’d, some laughed, some looked at us as if we were crazy, (they’d be at least half right) and the best were the ones who completely tried to ignore us as if we were a normal occurrence. It was surprising how many random people on the street actually knew about Talk Like a Pirate Day and realized that’s what we were out celebrating for. One thing’s for sure: we drew a lot of attention to …

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