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Il Neige!

Throughout middle school, high school and well into college, I took French. (I must’ve known that one day I’d live in Canada, eh?) The phrase “Il neige!” (“it’s snowing!”) has been a favorite joke in my family for many years. I remember the day I shared the phrase with my dad, who decided there was no way “il neige” could mean “it’s snowing” since there was no “-ing” ending on it. He made the phrase his own and insists it’s really “il neig-ing,” refusing to pronounce it any other way, which often caused me to get all riled up as I would correct him time and time again over the years. …

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Zombies and Stampeders and Parents (oh my!)

I’ve seen some crazy stuff in person before, but I can’t think of much that could top Calgary’s Zombie Walk 2006. What’s Calgary’s Zombie Walk? The city’s apparently got a following of zombie lovers, and yesterday was their 2nd annual Zombie Walk. The basic idea is that a bunch of people dress up like zombies and then walk like a zombie around downtown Calgary on a set route together for fun.
I’m all for dressing up like a pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day; after all, Lucas and I put on Pirate Pub Crawl 2006 last month where we pub crawled dressed as pirates up and down 17th Ave, but dressing …

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