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lila as princess leia - thekarpiuks

Princess Leia Pilots the Millennium Falcon

Two years ago this month, we unveiled the cardboard Millennium Falcon that we made for our (then) 9 month old son, Liam. The blog post and photos we uploaded to our Flickr gallery of the project went viral, and we STILL regularly see our kid as a chubby-cheeked 9 month old and his schnauzer wookiee in a cardboard Millennium Falcon floating around the interwebs. I grin every time I see the story and photos resurface and make the rounds online again.
As I said, it’s been two years and the geekling has really grown up, as I’m sure you can imagine. He’s almost 3 now! In addition to the being the Youngest Millennium Falcon Pilot Ever, …

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A Star Wars First Birthday Party

It’s not every day that a little boy turns one. Naturally, we had to make it a momentous occasion! Liam had a fantastic Star Wars birthday party to celebrate turning a year old. (“Wait, the Karpiuks threw a Star Wars birthday party? We’re shocked!” said no one, ever.)
From the Greedo doll we gave Liam, to father and son (and schnauzer) matching Star Wars tie shirts and party hats, we went very DIY.

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Matching Star Wars Tie Shirts

Look What We Made: Matching Father & Son Star Wars Tie Shirts – Free Pattern!

Liam turned one this past weekend, can you believe it?! I decided that he would need something extra special to wear as the guest of honor to his birthday party. Liam’s Aunt Lora had given him a cute faux tie onesie 3 months ago that he’s worn into the ground, but it inspired me to make my own version of a faux tie shirt to match the birthday theme. But you know I couldn’t just stop there… naturally, Lucas needed one of these shirts so that both father and son would match. (Lucas’ idea, I might add.) And then I might’ve made a little matching tie “shirt” for our schnauzer as well. I threw together …

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