Somehow, it’s Christmas

Wow, somehow it’s almost Christmas. (yay!) Wow, I’m almost 30. (boo!) and a lot has happened since our last post in June. (That kinda rhymed.) Let me give you the quick rundown. 1. We spent a fantastic belated honeymoon/anniversary trip in Nova Scotia in June. (See our last post.) It was wonderful! 2. We moved […]

Important News to Share

No, I’m not pregnant. Yet. That seems to be the first thing that everyone asks the minute we say that we have some news to share these days. Slow down, people! Lately Lucas and I have been talking about our future. We know that one or more children are definitely on the horizon for us; […]

Happy Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary being an official Canadian Permanent Resident! And as of June 6, I will have lived here for two full years :) That’s a lot of maple syrup and igloos, eh? I’ve loved every minute of it. Hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend. :)  Only 33 days until […]