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Week 2 – 52 Collages 2013

The weather this week has been ridiculously nice for being January… it was in the 60s this weekend. Liam and I wasted no time in throwing on the rollerblades (and in his case, getting in the stroller) and getting out to enjoy the fresh air. The path around the lake was clear and it looked like springtime, if you ignored the thin layer of ice still on the lake.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and journaling, and I’m currently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, thanks to a recommendation from Chris. (Thanks for letting me borrow it!) Lucas shaved his beard, LEGO are Liam’s current favorite toys, and he’s also obsessed with Disney’s Cars. Everything …

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Week 1 – 52 Collages 2013

Happy Sunday! It’s the first week of the new year, and we’ve begun a new year-long photo segment called 52 Collages. Instead of taking and posting one photo every single day like we did last year for project365, we’re making one collage a week from photos we took during that time. Of course we’ve taken LOTS of photos this week, but here are a few handpicked pictures that sum up the week nicely.

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Happy New Year 2012 from The Karpiuks

Goodbye Project365, Hello 52 Collages (Seeya, 2012! Hello 2013)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Guys, I can’t believe we successfully completed our project365 for 2012. it was a HUGE project and I’m proud of us for taking (AND sharing) at least one photo a day every day in 2012. However… I think a once-a-week model is better for us at this busy point in our lives. As I think ahead to posting just once a week, I realize that it’s not like we are going to suddenly be taking less pictures in 2013 or anything… so how on earth would I be able to select JUST ONE photo to capture an entire week? That just won’t do. It’s impossible. So…

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