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thekarpiuks - chicken salad recipe

Summertime! And Chicken Salad

Today I welcome my first official full week off of work for summer break. I worked a couple days last week and technically started summer vacation on Wednesday, but this is the first day where I’ve felt like I have no pressing matters to attend to and nothing that I absolutely HAVE to get done. That’s both awesome and a little disconcerting; I don’t sit around and do “nothing” well. However, Liam is turning two this coming weekend, so I can focus all of my creative energies into preparing for his party on Saturday. But let’s go back and look at the important part of that sentence again… “Liam is turning TWO.” How did he …

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white chicken chili thekarpiuks

The Best White Chicken Chili Ever

I don’t really consider myself to be a fan of chili. I know that this post and our last recipe post would suggest otherwise, but it’s not usually my go-to meal. I’d rather have a hearty stew or a creamy soup in the winter. That all changed, however, when I discovered white chicken chili. It’s a delicious variety of traditional chili that’s both creamy and hearty. And this recipe takes literally 15 minutes from start to serve, so it’s a perfect dinner choice when you’re short on time. Like when you get home late and it’s also bath night and you still need to whip up dinner.

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slow cooker chicken taco soup or chili recipe by thekarpiuks

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup (or Chili) Recipe

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about lazy Sundays in the cooler months during football season that BEGS me to use the slow cooker. And today just so happens to be said lazy Sunday with all of the aforementioned conditions. I had decided on Friday that I wanted to make a soup of some kind this weekend. But what kind of soup?

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