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Cheddar Beer Soup and the Return of Football

Football has returned! Now we just need the hockey season to begin and all will feel complete again. (And side note: Apparently they’ve been showing televised CFL games down here?! … No way! Go Stamps!)
Sunday’s opening Bears home game was Liam’s first, and we sure enjoyed dressing him in his little Bears jersey for the first time and watching the game together as a family. Liam is a pretty adorable little Bears fan, if I do say so myself.

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Delicious Stuffed Bell Peppers

I recently discovered that I actually like bell peppers. They were one of those foods that I remember disliking as a kid, especially the green ones, and I would pick them out or eat around them if I had to. Then recently while on the hunt for low sodium recipes, we came across a chicken dish that called for peppers and I decided to give these veggies a second chance.
I found out quickly that not all bell peppers are the same, and I greatly prefer the orange/yellow/red ones to the green. We’ve included colorful bell peppers 3-4 times a week lately in our cooking, and can’t get enough …

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Guacamole Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I’ve been craving guacamole. Most would assume it’s pregnancy related, and it may very well be, but ever since I had some delicious homemade guacamole at Chipotle a few weeks back with co-workers, I’ve been wanting some more. But I wanted to try my hand at making it myself, too.
I headed over to to look for the highest rated guacamole recipe they had. I know guacamole is avocado based but that’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject. We went with this guacamole recipe, and bought some fresh ingredients.
Initially, I imagined having turkey burgers and putting the guacamole on them as a condiment. But we also had two lonely chicken breasts in the …

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