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Surprise (Cookie Dough) Cupcakes!

Considering that I’m writing this post on a Monday, it may seem that we “forgot” to keep up with our new tradition already of finding a new recipe to try for dinner each Sunday. While it may appear we’ve already veered off course, it’s not because we forgot; yesterday Lucas and I were so busy cleaning the house to get ready for our lovely house guests this week that we just didn’t have time. In fact, on Saturday when we were at the grocery, we commented on how we’d probably have to skip our new recipe tradition this week. As sad as that is, especially since I was so excited about trying something new & …

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Our Sunday Tradition

So Lucas and I started a new tradition recently and we thought it would be fun to share it with everyone else. Every Sunday, besides the normal doing-no-work-and-relaxing part, we’ve decided to start expanding our culinary repertoire by picking out a brand new recipe, grabbing all of the ingredients fresh, and then trying to cook it together. Note that I put “trying” in that sentence, because we’re sure that while our cooking adventures will be full of lots of awesome, it will also be fraught with some failure. It’s inevitable. And that’s ok, because we’re learning!
The idea is that each week we’ll type up a post to share what recipes we used for that Sunday’s menu. …

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We Be Jammin’ (Again)

Take Two! I have a few days off this week so today Lucas and I used this gloriously dreary day (outside) to spend the afternoon inside canning. (AKA finish Christmas presents.)
This go around we decided to try making a peach jam. A few weeks back when we made concord grape jam we used fresh grapes from my grandma’s garden. Since we didn’t know anyone who had fresh peaches in the area, we just picked up some *gasp* frozen unsweetened 100% peaches at the grocery store. Yes, we’re lame I guess, but we were itching to can more jam and the produce section wasn’t looking too… healthy today.

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