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One minute it’s July, the next it’s October

Happy October!
It seems like if you blink, several months can just fly right by before you even notice!  Here it is October, and our last post was back in July.  You’ve not missed too much, though there are a few new things going on in the Karpiuk family.
Oliver is still Oliver, and Winston is still Winston.  Oliver has turned six years old today, can you believe it?  Also today happy anniversary wishes go out to my little brother and his wife as well as our friends Joe and Jeri.  Congratulations on your first year of marriage!
Lucas recently switched jobs completely and is now working happily at Shell in web development at their big Shell Canada …

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Summer Trip to Penticton

Weeeee’re back!  We’ve returned from our family road trip to beautiful Penticton, BC this past weekend and we had a blast!  We spent most of the day Friday soaking up the sun at Okanagan Lake in the newly fenced in and designated off-leash doggie beach with Oliver and Winston.  Oliver was happy to be free to swim without the burden of his leash and really enjoyed fetching his floating orange chew toy.  It was Winston’s first beach experience and we weren’t sure what to expect.  He was quick to chase after Ollie, even into the water, until he realized he could no longer touch the bottom.  Though his rear end sank like a brick, his doggie instincts prompted …

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Viva Las Vegas!

Wow, we’re down to a mere 2 weeks until our upcoming Viva Las Vegas Wedding Extravaganza! I just recently updated a few details on our wedding page about our plans during the day on the Saturday we’re there: we are renting a car (along with a few other people who are renting vehicles) and going to drive out to the Hoover Dam and the west side of the Grand Canyon for the afternoon since they’re not too far. And we’re not renting just any car…we’ve booked a Lotus from Dream Car Rentals! While it’s not a Neon SRT-4 (*swoon*), it’ll still be a fun and memorable drive nonetheless. If you’re one …

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