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Look What We Made: The Millennium Falcon

Because what kid DOESN’T need their very own Millennium Falcon?
I rest my case.
I know it’s April, but this project started back in January and it has just taken that long to find the time to finish. We had bought the geekling this exersaucer thing that came in a huge box shortly after Christmas. Per usual, we put it all together and the kid enjoyed climbing in and on the box more than he did playing with the thing that came in it. This caused Lucas and I to do a lot of reminiscing about our own childhoods, and how much fun it was to make believe with boxes. We pulled out a couple more boxes …

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Liam's Family - personalized board book

Look What We Made: A Personalized Board Book

I guess technically WE didn’t make the custom board book – Pint Size Productions did – but we designed a great little personalized board book for Liam featuring pictures of his family members. It’s appropriately called Liam’s Family, and I am so tickled at how well it turned out! I was impressed with the whole custom board book making process that Pint Size Productions offers, actually.

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liam hand print santa ornament

Look What We Made: Hand Print Santa Ornaments

We got crafty and made some homemade ornaments for family this year! Now that I have a little one, every little thing seems like a memory I must preserve somehow. What better way to save Liam’s hand print than to make an ornament out of it for the tree? I bet most kids are on winter break now, too, so here’s a great project you can do together.
UPDATE Dec 2012: Thanks for all the love on this post! This year we made a Hand Print Star Tree Topper for our Christmas tree … be sure to check that out, too, for another fun DIY holiday craft idea.

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