I’m afraid I might jinx this beautiful weather by mentioning that spring has finally arrived, but I can’t help it. The last two days have been absolutely gorgeous with 70+ in the forecast all week. Dare I say it? SPRING IS HERE!

We took Liam to the neighborhood park for the first time and have made a point of getting outdoors, if even for just a short while, at every opportunity. Though we’ve used the barbecue at least three times a week since we got it at Christmas, it just seems natural with such nice weather to hang out in the sunshine a bit longer while dinner cooks. The smell of chicken or steak on the grill makes me eager for summer to arrive. Yes, I know spring has just barely sprung, but the idea of lazy summer days spent playing outside with the kid is so close I can hardly stand it. We’re planning a Canadian summer trip to visit family this year; hard to believe that Liam will be a year old by that time! We can’t wait to see our friends and family members in Vancouver, the Okanagan, and Calgary. We’ll get to take Liam through the Canadian Rockies, my most favorite drive ever. We’ll stop at all of our usual places along the way, including Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park so that we can take Liam to the place where Lucas proposed. I can’t wait to get back up there to visit!

The tulips I planted in November have started to sprout, albeit slowly. I think it’s because they were planted along our front walkway, which gets next to no sun. Next year I should plan accordingly, but if I get at least one or two bulbs to fully bloom I’ll be happy; it’s our first home and the first time we’ve planted anything. Can you believe we’ve lived in the house for nearly 6 months already? Time sure flies.

Needless to say we’re enjoying the recent warm weather trend and sure hope spring is here to stay! And if we get snow tomorrow, I’ll take the blame for jinxing it.