Two new recipes in one week?! We’re on a roll around here to try new things and today is another delicious opportunity. It’s Sunday, and the weekends are my favorite time to try a new slow cooker recipe. This weekend we’re having the easiest slow cooker beef stroganoff ever! I say easy because it only has 5 ingredients:

1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of beef broth
1lb beef for stewing, approximately in 1″ chunks
2 cups (cooked) wide noodles
1 cup of sour cream

I put the soup, broth, and beef chunks in the slow cooker first, on high for 3 hours. Then I switched to low heat for 3 hours. I boiled up the whole grain noodles in the final 15 minutes so that they were ready to go. After 6 hours, I added the sour cream and noodles to the slow cooker and turned up the heat to high for a final 20 minutes.  Voilà! The result? Delish! Thoughts? I think next time we might use lean ground hamburger meat instead of the large 1″ beef chunks. It just seemed like the stew beef was a bit too big, and more like pot roast vs. the flavor I was expecting. Not that it was a bad flavor, but hamburger would make a good variation. Some of the chunks were a bit too much and I ended up picking around them. Ground hamburger would’ve blended in better with the delicious flavor.

All in all, this was really good… and so easy and simple. Hard to believe you only need 6 hours 20 minutes and just 5 ingredients to make stroganoff. We served ours with steamed asparagus, one of our fave veggie side dishes. :) We’ll definitely be making this one again and try out hamburger next time.

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend! :)

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