Happy New Year 2012 from The KarpiuksHAPPY NEW YEAR! Guys, I can’t believe we successfully completed our project365 for 2012. it was a HUGE project and I’m proud of us for taking (AND sharing) at least one photo a day every day in 2012. However… I think a once-a-week model is better for us at this busy point in our lives. As I think ahead to posting just once a week, I realize that it’s not like we are going to suddenly be taking less pictures in 2013 or anything… so how on earth would I be able to select JUST ONE photo to capture an entire week? That just won’t do. It’s impossible. So…

Introducing… 52 collages! In 2013, we’re going to create one collage each week with a handful of photos taken throughout that week. So we’re still taking pictures every day, it just takes the pressure off of me to force it on days when I don’t feel particularly creative, and reduces the pressure of finding time to upload each day. This will be a much more manageable photo project. I also plan to include a little blurb to explain the photos that make up each week’s collage. Right now I plan to include the collage in a blog post every Sunday with the blurb, but we’ll probably also upload the collages and quick blurbs to our Flickr account, too. Stay tuned as we work out the final details for this new weekly project. (Here’s an example we put together of a few Christmas break highlights so far!)

thekarpiuks - christmas break collageI still can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to 2012 already. I feel like the year has flown by. As I look back at the photos in our Project365 gallery, I’m sure all these things happened only yesterday… right? How has a year gone by so fast?! While it was a lot of work and time investment, I’m really glad I took the time to capture a bit of 2012 every day. (I’m also relieved to think about only having to post those little captures once a week in 2013, though.) With time racing by at breakneck speed, these photos help us hold on to the memories and magic of Liam’s toddler years, because he’s definitely not slowing down anytime soon.

As I reflect on 2012 I can’t help but be thankful for each and every moment, each and every memory. (Captured or not.) Liam has grown up SO MUCH in a year, and we’re having so much fun. (Have you read our letter to him at 18 months?) I feel blessed to have this beautiful family and look forward to all that 2013 has in store for the Karpiuks.

Seeya, 2012! Hello 2013… HAPPY NEW YEAR!