splash park fun june 2012Though we’ve been writing letters over in the Dear Liam category regularly, I’ve neglected to do a general update in awhile. It’s been a busy few months as usual; one minute it was spring break and the next minute the school year was over. Hello, summer!

In my teaching position I work a few extra days in the summer in order to provide tech training to the other staff. This usually means a week or two at the beginning of the summer, a day or two in the middle of the summer, and then I go back to work a week or two before the new school year starts. Other than that, the summer is mine, and that means so much glorious time with Liam. We’ve already taken advantage of a few local parks and continue to explore and enjoy as much time outdoors as we can. One park a few blocks from our house has a splash pad, and Liam has had an absolute blast running through the water jets and sprinklers with other kids.  By the time summer is over, we’ll know all of the parks in the area really well!

It’s funny, this time last year I was anticipating Liam’s arrival. Can you believe that he’s a few weeks shy of a year old? It feels like the time has flown by way too quickly. We’re planning a big Star Wars themed first birthday party for him, and you can be sure there will be tons of photos and a recap to share all of the fun.

Next month we head to Canada for a big Karpiuk Canada Summer Tour. We’ll get to visit family and friends that we haven’t seen since we moved, and Liam will finally get to meet so many other important people in his life. We can’t wait to take Liam to lots of places that are special to us, too, like the spot at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park where Lucas proposed, or the place where Lucas grew up, or the city where Lucas and I lived together for three years. It’s going to be amazing. Canada here we come!

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, we have yet another project on the go, and that’s Liam and Winston’s weekly webcomic, called Geekling Comic. It’s updated every Wednesday with a new story of a recent interaction between the two. It’s our way of telling their story (or what we imagine they’d be saying to each other) creatively using some of the photos we take of them together. Be sure to check it out each week for a little smile.

See you back here with loads of photos and recaps of our summer adventures soon. :)