i’m new to this whole blogging thing, but oliver tells me that it’s a piece of cake. he says the hardest part is finding time to sneak onto the computer when mama and dad are gone. thankfully oliver is a great big brother and has helped me out of my crate while the parental units are away today so i can try my paw at composing my very first blog entry. not bad for a 13 week old puppy, huh?

i guess i start by updating the world with what’s been going on in our happy little family lately. well, i got to meet my grandma for the first time last week. mama says she flew all the way from indiana to visit us. i don’t understand all of the details, but i think she was delayed on her way here. something about airplane delays in chicago, whatever that means. she arrived and gave me treats and presents and hugged on me all weekend, so that was awesome! i couldn’t stand it when she gave oliver attention, though. i mean, he already got to sleep on her bed all weekend and everything! mama and grandma went with aunt michelle and they bought a wedding dress and some shoes over the weekend. i don’t know what a wedding is, but it involves mama and dad and they’re making invitations this weekend. the online version of the invitation will be posted on their updated wedding website then. mama was very happy with the dress she bought, and she showed me pictures of it and i got to sniff the shoes. it’s too bad she put them away up in the top of their closet; they would’ve been nice shoes for teething on.

i have my second set of puppy shots at the vet tonight. i like the vet because i get to ride in the car with oliver and there’s so many neat new smells to sniff when we get there. the girls at the desk fawn all over my cuteness and i like my veterinarian. she is very nice, even though she gives more treats to oliver than to me. i guess i’ll get more treats when i’m big and strong like him. even oliver gets shots tonight because he is overdue on his vax… erm… vaccinations? thank goodness for spell check. anyway, i am a brave little boy and don’t even whimper when the vet gives me shots. i guess oliver is brave, too, even though he doesn’t like going to the vet. just not as brave as me because i’m indestructible!

this blogging thing really isn’t that hard. i just hope it’s as easy for oliver to get me back in the crate as it was to get me out, or we may have some explaining to do.