At first I scoffed at the commercial, but that was before I had tried Babybel. Now I understand why those 3 grown men threw themselves out of an airplane for it. If you haven’t seen the commercial or have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to see it. Assuming you have the flash player installed on your browser, you’ll see a spot to click “Watch the mini Babybel TV ad” around the middle of the page – click it! It’s the bottom-most of the two ads you can choose from to watch.

Alright, I know why you’re really here reading. You’re looking for an update to the Billy Blanks fiasco from last week. While I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat, (thanks, Kurt) I’m sad to report that the exchange yesterday between the Customer Service representative and I was very uneventful. I called in, gave the basic info to help her find the account, and then told her to cancel the order completely. I explained that Ivan told me last week that he would put a temporary cancel on it for me and that I was to call in today to make sure it was fully canceled, but it appeared that she knew nothing about that after looking over the notes on the account. She told me that she canceled the order and that we wouldn’t be charged, and then I asked for a cancellation confirmation code just in case. Hopefully the string of numbers that she came up with weren’t made up just to make me feel better. And that was it. I’d still like to send an actual letter of complaint about the entire ordeal and the way Customer Service treated us to send to the Taebo/Billy Blanks headquarters in Colorado. At this point I’m just tired of the whole thing, though.

What else? I made a small army of new little triangular shaped pouches that I plan to call the “Canmore”, including mini versions that are great as a small coin purse. I really think I should put a ban on myself from Fabricland for a bit, though. It’s Tuesday and I’ve already been there twice this week. Hello, my name is Lesley and I’m a Fabricland-aholic. I can’t help it. I’ve got to take some better pictures of demo bags and purses and stuff because I’m not happy with the ones I have. The store site is coming along nicely, and we’re trying to get it mostly functional by the end of this week. Not only because we’re going out of town this weekend to British Columbia, but also because the playoffs are starting and there will be hockey games to watch every evening. GO FLAMES GO! I’m participating in a Stanley Cup Craft Along with a Colorado fan on the Craftster forums, so be on the lookout for my plush Stanley Cup coming soon ;) If I can ever stop making these little pyramid pouches….