It’s been a busy week but I’m finally finding the time to update and share the most recent new recipe that we tried last Sunday – Butternut Squash Pasta! The recipe was created by my teacher friend, Kara, and it turned out so good that she just had to share it with us. And we’re so glad that she did!

Kara described her adventure into creating the recipe over on her blog, Crayons and Cylons: What do you do with too much squash? – you’re going to want to head over there and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Neither Lucas nor I have any real experience with butternut squash. We both have a vague memory of trying butternut squash soup once together, but we honestly couldn’t remember if we liked it or not. We just decided to dive head first and give the recipe a try. After all, we enjoy pasta and it came highly recommended from both Kara and her husband, Jake. What more could you ask for?

I probably don’t have to mention that it was my first time preparing squash, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Lucas and I looked pretty ridiculous tackling it at first. Have you seen how awkward butternut squash is shaped? I even looked up how to properly cut it up just in case. We’re noobs, what can I say? We sliced off a little at each end and then cut it down the middle and scooped out the inside seeds and assorted squash guts. I like saying squash guts. It reminded me of cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin, just a lot less work and a lot less squash guts. See? I said it again.

Then it was time to peel. We luckily had a pretty heavy duty vegetable peeler on hand because our old crappy one was no match for the thick skin. After that, slicing the squash into cubes was a piece of cake.

After the roasting part, the instructions called for putting it all into a food processor. Guess what’s going on Lucas and I’s Christmas list this year? We managed to make due with our blender, but because we made a double batch, (I couldn’t stop peeling squash) we had to process the squash in two blender batches and combine it all back into the pot again afterwards. That was okay, though. Once we got it all back in the pot and mixed in the cooked pasta (we went with penne, because for some reason I just really like it!) we were ready to serve.

I had no idea what I was in for; did I like butternut squash? I couldn’t remember, but it smelled delicious so I was sure it was going to be good. I held off giving it a little taste until after the plates were dished out, though, so we could all try it together. Our friend and neighbor, Chris, came over to watch football and share in our new recipe experience with us, and the votes were unanimous… the butternut squash pasta was a huge hit! The bell pepper and red pepper flakes gave it a really subtle, yet flavorful kick and everything was so creamy and smooth. I checked with Kara to make sure the pasta was supposed to be thick; it’s not your typical thin and liquidy pasta sauce. This stuff was thicker than most tomato sauces I’ve had and clung to the penne nicely, filling it with flavor. We served it with steamed sugar snap peas.

Oh, and that double batch part that I mentioned? We froze the other half to save for another time. I already can’t wait to have it again! Thanks for sharing, Kara! <3

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