operation geekling dinosaur project - thekarpiuksFor those of you who are familiar with Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project, you’ll be happy to know that this week, Liam contributed his very first dinosaur art pieces to his own dinosaur room!

If you don’t know what Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project is, (here it is), in a nutshell: the Internet decorated Liam’s nursery before he was born with 76 different dinosaur masterpieces from all over the world. He received 2 more after he was born. We ran out of space on the first wall because apparently that many dinosaurs cannot be contained, so dinosaurs spill onto a second wall and cover over half of his room. We may be a little dinosaur obsessed over here. Just maybe.

liams_first_dinos_01It was dinosaur week at daycare, and Liam brought home his very first pieces of dinosaur artwork! They are, of course, magnificent! (Even if I am a little biased.) For one piece, he used dinosaur-shaped sponges and stamped out a dino scene. My personal favorite is the hand print stegosaurus, though. Isn’t it adorable?! Of course his own dinosaur artwork just had to be added to his dinosaur room. That brings our grand total to 80 dinosaur masterpieces that make up Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project.

I had envisioned back when we made the call for submissions a future for the project that a time would come, once Liam was old enough, that he would make dinosaurs to add to his wall, too:

operation geekling dinosaur project - thekarpiuks“And maybe over the years new pieces can be added; I imagine the geekling and I in a few years spending a rainy day with finger paints or crayons making new dinosaurs to add to the wall. But the core… the heart of the project begins with all of you and builds from there. How special and how meaningful would a wall full of dinosaurs made by so many different people be?! And your artwork would forever brighten the room of one special little boy, who will grow up surrounded by your original creations and learn from an early age to appreciate art and the value of handmade.”  – from the original call for submissions post

I just didn’t realize it would be as meaningful as it was when he made his first dinosaur pieces at 20 months old.  I can’t wait to continue making even more dinosaurs with Liam over the coming years.

Liam loves his dinosaur room, by the way. He often says goodnight to the dinosaurs on the wall before going to bed. We talk about the different dinosaurs a lot when we’re rocking in the chair together; pointing out different colors and sizes. Liam likes to make dinosaur sounds when we talk about the walls – did you know that dinosaurs all say “RAWR!” ?

operation geekling dinosaur project - thekarpiuksNow that we’ve added his dinosaurs to the collection, he’ll go into his room and point them out with a long, drawn out “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww” proudly. It makes my heart smile. And once again, I want to thank EVERYONE that helped make Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project what it is today. This experience and the magic of the dinosaur walls wouldn’t have happened without your help and thoughtfulness. We truly appreciate it and all of you every. single. day. Even 2 years later, we’re still appreciating and loving what you’ve helped us to create for Liam. Forever and ever, thank you.

the Karpiuks