reindeer thumbprint gift tagsIt’s officially winter break and our little family has two full weeks off together ahead of us. HOORAY!

It should come as no surprise that we wasted no time in doing some fun holiday crafts together here on day one. We needed some festive tags to mark all of the gifts we were wrapping, and I wanted to add a little personal touch to our packages.  I had recently been inspired by a thumbprint reindeer ornament I saw linked in a trackback to our Santa Hant Print Ornament post by Rachel Knows Best – DIY Christmas Ornaments… what a cute idea!

Little thumbprint reindeer would be fun on gift tags, right? Of course they would! I even  made a little template that you can use – just print and grab some brown craft paint. (Cheap acrylic will do.)

Download Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags Template – compatible with Avery 18162, 5162, 5262, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462, 8662, 48462, 48862, 88662, 15662, 18662, 5662, 18462 (14 address labels/sheet)

reindeer thumbprint gift tagsSpread the paint out and help your little one dip their thumb evenly, and then press a thumbprint in the blank space to the left of TO and FROM on each label. It only took 5 minutes for the paint to dry, (if that) and then you can decorate the thumbprints to look like reindeer! I had some red craft paint nearby, so I quickly dabbed a dot of red in the center of each thumbprint first. Then I used a black felt pen to draw antlers (which let’s be honest, look more like tree branches, but whatever) and eyes. Ta da! Reindeer! Of course if your kiddo is a little older you can always let them draw the antlers reindeer_tags_thekarpiuks02and eyes instead. If your little one is like Liam, it’s probably best for mama to add those quick details, though. And I promise, it only took like 3 minutes to do.

NOTE: The labels pictured in this post are NOT from the template… I took the pictures during our test run of the project and then made the printable template afterwards, tweaking the process a bit to make it easier for everyone. The template should make this super easy for you. :)

Now all you gotta do is fill them out, peel, and stick! Best gift tags ever. The grandparents are going to love them for sure!

It’s a crafty and decorative weekend all around as we get ready for Christmas festivities next week. We hung all of the holiday art that Liam made at school on the wall next to our Christmas tree, but we saved his mistleTOES art to be strung up across the entryway to the living room in place of traditional mistletoe. Isn’t that adorable?! (Totally Lucas’ idea.)

hanging_christmas_kid_art_thekarpiuks   mistletoes_thekarpiuks01   mistletoes_thekarpiuks02

Here’s to the start of a fantastic Christmas vacation together. From our family to yours, hope you have a very merry holiday!

the Karpiuks