“The Eagles started slowly, but Donovan McNab ran for two touchdowns and threw for a pair to lead Philadelphia to a 31-9 win over the Packers on Monday night.”

There is nothing sweeter after a Bears victory to watch the Packers continue their sucking streak on Monday Night Football and get crushed by their opponents on the nationally televised broadcast. Poor Favre. He looked so old and sad last night everytime they did a close up. Not to mention that gray beard he’s sporting now just isn’t very distinguishing on such a crumpled look of defeat. Why is it that he didn’t just retire, again?

The Chicago Bears are on top of the entire NFC and are currently undefeated, 4-0. The trend I’ve seen in the first four games so far? The Bears have been winning by fairly large margins everytime; no “barely wins” for this year’s team. GO BEARS!

Speaking of four, our handsome dog, Oliver, turns four years old this week. We aren’t having a huge birthday party, but he is making and sending out treats to all of his doggie friends that he’d met from Lucas’ work at the dog-friendly barbeque they had at the end of the summer to celebrate Caley and Kali’s then-upcoming wedding. And speaking of the Ckalieys… they are in Argentina right now for their honeymoon. I hope they’re having an amazing time!

The big deal around the house this week (and it’s not Oliver’s birthday, what gives?) is much anticipation for the official start of the NHL hockey season, and most importantly, the first game for the Calgary Flames. Rob and Lucas have been counting down the weeks and days since the first week of May when the Flames finished their season. This year, the Flames’ season kick off is vs. their biggest rival, the Edmonton Oilers. They play in Edmonton on Thursday, but what’s most exciting is that their first home game of the season is this Saturday- hosting Edmonton. Guess who has tickets to attend the very first Flames home game of the 2006 season? WE DO! Lucas got a Flames e-newsletter inviting him a chance at a very limited window of opportunity to purchase tickets for the game online. Now a very lucky Lucas, Rob, and I will be there sporting our red on Saturday! The first (and last) Flames game I got to attend in person was back in April, vs. Detroit. While it was an exciting experience, I know that nothing can prepare me for the insanity that will be a Flames/Oilers game. You know, some might not like the two words I’m about to use to describe hockey, but to me, hockey is graceful and elegant. I know, boys, you’re cringing right now, but there is something mesmerizing to me about the grace and strength that those players have to coordinate passing and scoring a tiny little puck on a huge sheet of ice. Hockey’s not all about impressive elegance, though. Not only does it have the rough and tough aspect of football that I like, but they’re ALLOWED to fight! How can it get much better than that? It’s like soccer, ice skating, and boxing all rolled neatly into one sport. Don’t tell Lucas and Rob I said that, though. Somehow I think I’ll get made fun of for that comment.

Anyway, not only is this weekend going to be exciting because of Oliver’s birthday and the Flames game, but it’s also Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, October 9th. Jeremy and his wife are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and even some out-of-town friends are coming in for the occasion. We may even be able to find a way to see Trev. It should be a very busy, but very fun weekend :)