Summer Trip to Penticton

Weeeee’re back!  We’ve returned from our family road trip to beautiful Penticton, BC this past weekend and we had a blast!  We spent most of the day Friday soaking up the sun at Okanagan Lake in the newly fenced in and designated off-leash doggie beach with Oliver and Winston.  Oliver was happy to be free to swim without the burden of his leash and really enjoyed fetching his floating orange chew toy.  It was Winston’s first beach experience and we weren’t sure what to expect.  He was quick to chase after Ollie, even into the water, until he realized he could no longer touch the bottom.  Though his rear end sank like a brick, his doggie instincts prompted …

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Just Married!

As you all know, Lucas and I just returned home from our wedding weekend in Las Vegas!  Some of you were there and some of you watched from home even!  No matter who you are, we thank you for your love and support.  This post is to let everyone know that we have updated our wedding website to reflect our return and share details about our wonderful weekend.  We also have uploaded a big bundle of photos (and even a little video clip or two), accessible from links on the updated wedding website.
In case you’ve forgotten the link:
The photos can be accessed directly at this link:
Note that the photos you’ll see initially are the ones …

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watch mama and dad get married from the comfort of your own home!

my little brother winston and i are getting ready to go on vacation. mama and dad are going to las vegas to get married and the entire family and their close friends will be there. but do we get to go? of course not! but that’s ok, mama told us all about the doggie resort that we’re going to instead. she says we’ll have a room together with our own separate beds and that we’ll get to play with lots of other doggies. she warned us that we better be good or else they’ll know, because our room is equipped with webcams and they can check in on us anytime. …

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