little brother for sale

he only smells a little bit and i’m selling him real cheap!
mom and dad came home last week with a new toy for me in the form of a puppy.  an 8 week old white miniature schnauzer puppy to be exact.  they think he’s cute (i hate to admit he kinda is) and they fawn all over him and try to get us to play all the time.  mom has been going camera crazy and it seems like in every other picture she’s trying to somehow get me involved, too.  don’t get me wrong, i love posing for the camera, but doesn’t she know that means i’d actually have to sit next to the little monster?  …

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Our New House

As Lucas mentioned in his recent post, we have moved! We lucked out and found a gorgeous new house that was just recently built in a newly developed neighbourhood. The house was finished being built a week before Christmas, and thanks to the help of Michelle, Jeff, and Jeremy, we successfully moved in last Saturday. It took two full UHAUL trips and a lot of blood, sweat and tears… but we’re finally mostly settled in. The house is so new that it doesn’t even have grass yet, much to Oliver’s disappointment; the builders plan to lay the sod for our yard in the spring. It has hardwood floors throughout the …

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am I a saint, or what?

we moved this last weekend, on account of the rash of burglaries in our complex (including our own) and the murder down the street last week. this means the drive to and from work is new and exciting – there’s a particular spot about halfway where the highway goes over a river, which from the right angle is framed by rolling foothills to the left and right, and the rocky mountains straight ahead.
yesterday, as i was passing this point i noticed a young lady pulled over on the left shoulder with her hazards on. i slowed and pulled onto the opposite shoulder and noted that she had a flat tire, poor thing. it’s -60F outside, …

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