i can haz teeching job now?

Yes, yes I can!
That’s right, the next big thing we’ve been waiting on… I got my Alberta teaching certification! After 10 months of waiting on Immigration, waiting a month for the Alberta teaching certification office to examine my Indiana credentials and deem me qualified to hold a professional teaching license was a cake walk. This weekend will be busy as I organize my resume and dust off my teaching portfolio that has been waiting ever so patiently to be needed again. The final step of fully immigrating feels so close to being complete now… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I anxiously and happily await teaching again next school year.

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The Skies of Calgary

Every morning of the week when I head into work, I spend a good several minutes driving straight at the city. We’re literally 5 minutes from the core of downtown, and there’s this perfect moment that I look forward to, even on the dreariest or most tired of days, when I come over the slight hill around a corner and the Calgary skyline comes fully into view. It’s my zen moment; I see the Rockies off in the distance framed by high-rise buildings of varying heights and designs, and I can’t help but notice the sky.

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mama got a raise!

what? you didn’t know she had a job‽ man, these two don’t tell anybody anything – what do they think they have a blog for in the first place…
anyway, mama’s a school teacher but can’t teach in canada yet, so she started working in the hr department of one of th largest grocery chains in the country about 3 or 4 weeks ago – and she got a raise and a promotion already!
dad and i are very proud of her, and very excited! <4

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