PR Card Date and Trip to Indiana Confirmed

Last week we got good news on the Immigration front; my application for Permanent Residency was approved and I’m able to get a work permit now. The last step was waiting for the Calgary office to set up an appointment with me so I could go in and get my PR card. I was worried it would take forever to get my appointment set, but the letter for it with a date arrived a day or two later. I’ll be picking up my PR card on May 17th! Go me! I think we’re going to have a little “party” on either Friday the 18th or Saturday the 19th to celebrate …

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Good Things Come in Threes.

“We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application for permanent residence has been approved and completed. The Canada Immigration Centre in Calgary will contact you concerning the appointment to pick up your permanent resident card.”
“You may now apply for an open work permit, which will allow you to work in the occupation and location of your choice.”
I got the two letters yesterday and finally got to read the words we’ve been waiting eight and a half months to hear… Canada has decided they like me enough to keep me! Now the bulk of the process is behind us and I just have to wait for the Calgary office to contact …

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Just When You Thought It Was Over…

Let’s play a guessing game.
First, let’s guess who was charged $112 for a Taebo order on 4/27/2007?
Monday, 4/9/2007, I talked to a “Maria” who not only canceled that ridiculous order but told me flat out when I asked that WE WOULD NOT BE CHARGED. I even got an order cancellation confirmation number.
Now let’s play the guessing game again. Let’s guess who’s getting one hell of a phone call tomorrow? (since conveniently their customer service, that’s supposedly open until 9pm EST and it’s currently 7pm EST, is closed at the moment.)
If you answered “us” and then “Taebo Customer Service”, you are the big winner for today. Congratulations!

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