The Departed

Last night we took in Martin Scorcese’s latest movie, The Departed (based on the Hong Kong original, Internal Affairs) with Tom, Rob and Chad in attendance. It certainly wasn’t the best Scorcese I’ve seen – and probably not the best Nicholson, DiCaprio, or Wahlberg (although likely my favourite Damon and Winstone roles yet) – but it was definetely one of the better movies I’ve seen this year, and the best crime story I’ve seen in several.

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So, we took the Neon into the nearest Dodge dealer to have an out-of-province inspection, as required in order to register the vehicle and get us some fancy Alberta plates (so much for my ability to blow off my bad driving habits with, “hey, I’m from Indiana…”). We dealt with this dealership earlier in the year when some crackhead destroyed the steering column while trying to steal the Neon, and our experience with them was not exactly what we would describe as positive – especially compared to the insurance company, who were above and beyond.
Sufficive to say, they have not increased their level of respect with us…

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NFL/NHL, Oliver’s Birthday, & Canadian Thanksgiving

“The Eagles started slowly, but Donovan McNab ran for two touchdowns and threw for a pair to lead Philadelphia to a 31-9 win over the Packers on Monday night.”

There is nothing sweeter after a Bears victory to watch the Packers continue their sucking streak on Monday Night Football and get crushed by their opponents on the nationally televised broadcast. Poor Favre. He looked so old and sad last night everytime they did a close up. Not to mention that gray beard he’s sporting now just isn’t very distinguishing on such a crumpled look of defeat. Why is it that he didn’t just retire, again?
The Chicago Bears are on top of …

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