It occurred to me this week that this is my third official Calgary winter and I do not own a proper pair of winter boots.  Sure I have some dressier looking calf-high boots, but their tread is just not meant for braving the slippery sidewalks of town, which currently are also covered in heavy snow.  This realization became apparent to me this week especially due to the fact that I started my kindergarten teaching job on Monday and now I walk 11 blocks from the train to school and then 11 blocks back to the train every day. And let’s face it: my old boots from Indiana just weren’t cutting it.  Not only were they painful on my feet after so much walking, but the insides aren’t insulated or warm at all.  So I’d end up at the end of the day with cold, sore feet.  And lately with the windchill making temps sink to around -25 degrees, cold toes have been hard to ignore.

This evening Lucas and I ran a few errands to get some essentials for my first week of work.  We picked up some great items for the classroom (I think my kiddos will love the giant dinosaur egg that “hatches” in water in 24-48 hours when we do our dinosaur unit) and then I picked out some sweet winter boots.  These babies have an inner insulated form fitting sock that velcros into place within the sturdy boot shoe.  We’re talking warm. I’ve never experienced a second inside piece of insulation on boots before.  Though in all fairness I’ve also never lived somewhere where it gets as cold as it does here in Calgary before, either.  The traction on these real winter boots can actually be called real traction.  No more slipping on the sidewalks!  They hang on tight.  And the best part?  They’re pink and brown. Awesome.  It’s about time I became a real Calgarian, eh?

Work is going really well.  It’s challenging, but at the end of each day I’m already looking forward to the next day. And all I do is constantly scribble down neat little lesson ideas I think will get my little guys excited and engage them.  They’re really a great bunch of kids and the support staff I have to lean on as I get acclimated to the routine and students has made all of the difference in the world. It feels great to have a meaningful position again where I truly feel like I’m changing the lives of kids for the better. I love my job :) And of course, my sweet and wonderful husband surprised me by having flowers sent to me on my first day. I am so lucky.