my little brother winston and i are getting ready to go on vacation. mama and dad are going to las vegas to get married and the entire family and their close friends will be there. but do we get to go? of course not! but that’s ok, mama told us all about the doggie resort that we’re going to instead. she says we’ll have a room together with our own separate beds and that we’ll get to play with lots of other doggies. she warned us that we better be good or else they’ll know, because our room is equipped with webcams and they can check in on us anytime. i’m sure they’ll be too busy enjoying las vegas together all married and stuff to have time to login and see what we’re up to, but i won’t tell winston that.

speaking of webcams, the chapel where mama and dad are getting married has a free webcam broadcast service so you can watch the ceremony online from home. Just go to the chapel’s website and click the large link at the top of the page that says “view live webcast” at the time of the wedding. it’ll be at 2:00pm pacific time, so for our friends here in calgary that’s 3:00pm and for our friends in indiana that’s 5:00pm. you will need the latest version of windows media player installed because the link will attempt to launch it when you click. i dunno much about computer details beyond working this blog, but if you send mama and dad an email they can help you out with any questions you might have. i hope to bribe the doggie resort workers to let winston and i watch. i’m sure between my big brown eyes and winston’s cute little puppy features they’ll just have to give in.