Congratulations again to Herman and Holly! Over the long weekend Lucas and I traveled back to Indiana to be in my little brother’s wedding. We had a blast! It was a really fun time and it was great seeing my little brother all grown up and getting married. And of course, Holly was beautiful. It seems like the weekend went by really fast, but I guess that’s because it was so busy. The newly married couple are now lounging on a beach somewhere in Cancun — I hope they get us a souvenir! We got back on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day, so happy belated Thanksgiving! We plan to make up for missing the holiday by celebrating on American Thanksgiving this year instead. We took quite a few photos, but were also kind of busy being in the wedding, so there’s not a ton, but you can see what we have for now in our gallery under Miscellaneous. Once H&H get their actual pictures back from the photographer I’ll be sure to post more. It really was a fun time, and I’m so excited for my brother and sister-in-law. Speaking of which, yay me, I finally have a sister!

The weekend before last, Lucas and I took a day trip out to the Columbia Icefields. The glacier that we walked on is about an hour and a half north of Lake Louise, and it was all road that neither of us had traveled before. It was gorgeous. Not just pretty or fantastic, but breathtaking. Last summer when we drove through the Canadian Rockies, I swore that summer was my favorite time of year out there. And then I saw the Rockies again in the winter, with all of the snow, and suddenly winter was my favorite time to be in the mountains. But nothing tops seeing the Canadian Rockies in the fall, when you have oranges and yellows mixed in with the green trees, all dusted with light snow, and framed with snow-capped mountains in the background. In some places you’d swear it was already winter out there until you saw the orange trees to remind you otherwise. It was a beautiful drive, and I saw some of the most amazing scenery I’d ever seen in my entire life. Our new site banner above is a panoramic sample of some of the scenery we got to experience.  The trip was well worth the drive! And the glacier was spectacular! We stood on 300 meter thick blue glacial ice and walked around admiring the millwells (from a distance, of course) and other features of the glacier. It was really cold and windy out there, but worth every second we were given to explore. And of course, I got to go snow crabbing. Don’t ask, just check out the photos in our gallery under Travel.

Congratulations also go out to our friends Joe and Jeri, whose wedding we missed because they were married on the same day that Herman and Holly got married this past weekend. Hope everything went smoothly!