week 10 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksWhat a long week! Liam received some great Canadian flag legwarmers from Kara and Jake. (They sent dino and pirate ones, too!) He loves running around in them. Early in the week we got a lot of snow, and it was so pretty. Then things started going downhill by mid-week; everyone got sick! Liam had a pediatrician visit scheduled to get his latest vaccinations, but they had to be postponed because it turned out he had a fever… which signaled the start of the flu. I was sick myself with cold and sinus problems, and then I seemed to catch whatever Liam had on top of that. Lucas started to get sick, too, and by the weekend, all three of us were a hot mess of colds, flu, and body aches. I feel like we’ve been in comfy pjs snuggled under blankets getting lots of extra rest (and watching Cars way more times than I can count) most of the week. Here’s hoping that next week brings some much needed relief.