week 12 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksThis week was pretty low-key and everyone is finally over the sickness that had been going around the last two weeks. I enjoy the boys’ morning routine of snuggling on the couch watching hockey highlights together, and Liam has become attached to all the blankies and his Lovey and tiger, and insists on carrying them all with him when he gets up in the morning. Easter is just around the corner and Liam brought home some really cute artwork from school this week. While napping, we giggled at the way Liam pulled the blankets up over his face to sleep with daddy. On Friday we spontaneously decided to stop at the tiny little airport by our house because the sun was out and the hangars were open. Our timing was perfect because while we were checking out all of the planes, one came in for a landing. Liam was beyond thrilled because we got to watch a little prop plane land right in front of us! What an experience. And I look forward to Sunday morning pancake breakfast all week long – it’s one of the highlights of every week for our little family.

Even though it’s technically spring now and we had a flash of sunny weather, we’re getting more snow today. Really, March?