week 13 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksWhat a crazy week! It started with nearly a foot of snow (yes, you heard me right) and a welcome snow day for Liam and mama. We of course played in the snow, but let’s be honest… it took longer to get us all bundled up than we actually spent outdoors. (Such is life with a toddler.) The snow melted away by the end of the week, thankfully, just in time to celebrate Easter. On Saturday we enjoyed an outdoor egg hunt with great grandma, and then Liam and his cousin Will had a sleepover with grandma and grandpa. Today we had another egg hunt at grandma and grandpa’s house and enjoyed brunch with the whole family. The Easter Bunny brought Liam and Will all kinds of goodies! Spring break has officially begun, and we’re looking forward to a whole upcoming week off together. Yay!