week 13 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuksNot only was it frozen outside this week, (at the end of March?!) but it was also Frozen inside… Liam has caught the Disney Frozen bug. We’re slightly obsessed with the movie as well as the song, Let it Go. Liam likes to sing along and act out the song with the main character, Elsa. We’ve probably watched the movie 20 times already! (Side note: it’s on right now as I type this.) 

It was another lazy week with Lila, and a more predictable routine has begun to emerge. Grandma and grandpa came up to visit on Friday, and grandpa brought up Lila’s name plate to add to the family heirloom cradle. It’s very special! Liam and Lila got cozy together on the couch this weekend, much to my (and my camera’s) happiness. Just look at those smiles! Their shirts say “Big Bro” and “Little Sister” and Liam continues to show how proud he is of his baby sister every day.