week 14 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksHappy spring break! Liam and I had all week off together, and daddy was even able to take time off with us. Having so much free time was already a lot, but that didn’t stop Liam from adding a few new firsts and milestones into the mix to keep the week extra interesting.

Last Sunday was Easter, and when we got home and got out of the car, Liam curiously put his hand between the car and the wheel and managed to burn the back of two of his fingers on his left hand. It was a sad, scary experience to have a little one with burns and not be able to do much to help him understand. Just to be sure, we had the burns checked out by a doctor and thankfully they were just 1st degree burns and not in need of anything more than some bandages and a lot of TLC. After a week, they are already looking so much better. Liam added the word “scab” to his vocabulary as we explained what was happening to his skin. He frequently reminds us how it all happened by stringing together “Car hot, baby ouch, sad” with a little fake cry thrown in to illustrate what it means to be sad. (In case we weren’t sure.)

Monday was April Fool’s Day. Liam surprised us with a joke of his own by climbing out of his crib for the first time and coming into our bedroom to greet us with a cheerful “Hi mama!” The days of sleeping in a crib were officially over, and the next day grandma and cousin Will brought up Will’s old car bed for us to borrow. Grandma picked out some Disney Cars bed sheets for Liam’s new big boy bed, and this week has been a bit of an adventure getting used to the new sleeping arrangement. It’s gotten easier each day, and I admit it’s been cute having Liam come in and hop up in bed with us in the morning. (Except for this ├é┬ámorning, when it was 5:45am. At least he went back to sleep with us for awhile.)

This week we took our first trip to the local library. Liam was amazed at all of the books and picked several for us to check out. Some of my fondest memories when my grandparents were watching me as a kid was when my grandma would take me to the library, so it was especially fun to start going with Liam. (And he loved that they had a train table in the children’s section.)

On Thursday, daddy took the day off and we went with grandma and William to explore the Children’s Museum. We saw superheroes and trains! The Hot Wheels exhibit was of course the favorite between Will and Liam. They probably could’ve stayed there all day racing and driving their Hot Wheels cars on all of the tracks that the museum had set up for kids to play with.

The weather this week has been wonderful, and it finally FEELS like spring. This meant lots of time outside running and playing, and even getting out bikes and cleaning them up for a fresh season of bike riding. Lucas got a new bike and we got a trailer for Liam. It’s a two seater, so you know Winston will get to travel with us sometime, too. The whole family picked out bike helmets and went on several bike rides in the neighborhood and to the little nearby “airport” so that Liam could check out the airplanes. Liam is almost tall enough to pedal his very own bike, which he tried out this weekend, too. I feel like our 21 month old looked like a 5 year old when I saw him sitting on his bike. Where did the time go?

Speaking of how big Liam has gotten, he enjoyed pushing his own cart at a new local grocery store alongside us. He even picked out his own apples and avocado to put in the cart. Shopping has become a whole new experience now that he can be a big boy.

Sadly, all good things come to and end, and now it’s time to say goodbye to spring break, but wow… what a fun-filled week we had! Is it summertime yet?