week 17 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuksThere were so many pictures to choose from this week that it was hard to narrow it down to fit just one collage. (In fact a late afternoon Sunday activity is being bumped to next week’s collage! Whew!) We had beautiful weather all week long and spent a big chunk of the week outdoors, including several walks and cracking open the sandbox and playing in the backyard while daddy mowed the lawn for the first time this season. Liam alerted me to the fact that our tulips finally bloomed, too! On Friday, Lila and I (who played dress up as Princess Leia on our cardboard Millennium Falcon earlier in the week) drove down and surprise visited my mom at work for her birthday coming up this weekend. (It’s today! Happy birthday, mom!) She had no idea, but everyone in her department (and my dad) did, so it was a lot of fun. Grandma sure had fun showing off her granddaughter to the office! Lila and I also met up for lunch with Anna, a friend of mine from high school, which was really nice.  On Saturday my mom came up, and we all went to dinner and a little local carnival. Liam rode his very first fair rides! He and daddy rode the elephant ride together, and then even rode the ferris wheel!   It went way up in the sky, and each time they’d reach the top, the boys would wave down at those of us with our feet planted firmly on the ground.