week 19 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksHappy Teacher Appreciation Week! We re-used our idea from last year for Liam’s teachers and painted some pots black with a ruler-styled edge and wrote “Thank you for helping me grow!” on the side and planted some colorful geraniums in them. They were a huge hit! It was also his school’s Little 500 Parade, where all of the kids bring in their vehicles and bikes to race on the tennis courts. It’s adorable! It was also Mother’s Day this weekend, and we celebrated with the two prettiest mamas I know – my mom and my sister-in-law, celebrating her first Mother’s Day – and went out to dinner together. It was nice getting to see our 3 week old nephew, and Liam especially loved spending time with his baby cousin. For Mother’s Day, Liam made me lots of art, and Lucas had a new piece turned into a canvas for our wall to match the canvas of Liam’s art that he gave me for Valentine’s Day. The boys took me out shopping and to have sushi for dinner, and bought me some pretty new flowers to hang on our front porch. What a special day, I sure am a lucky mama. Happy Mother’s Day!