week 20 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuksThis week Liam wore his new Elsa shirt to school and it was a huge hit! (We got it from ClassicCityEmbroidery on Facebook.) Then daddy went on a business trip and grandma came to stay with us for the weekend to help out. On Friday it was supposed to be the preschool’s 500 race with bikes, but bad weather caused the event to be canceled, unfortunately. They couldn’t race in the hail storm! Grandma, Lila and I went (shoe) shopping and Lila has begun sitting up assisted in a baby seat like a big girl. We got to video chat with daddy on Saturday, and Liam had a dentist appointment. It was the first time he got to sit in the big dentist’s chair! He was a little nervous, but the amazing dental hygienist calmed his fears by cleaning stuffed Olaf’s tooth first.  They both left with sparkling teeth! Lila recently started sucking her thumb, and this form of self soothing has helped her to sleep 8 hours through the night. We’ve all been getting a little more sleep this week now that she’s sleeping through the night, which has been wonderful!

We are really thankful for grandma’s help this weekend while daddy was away. We couldn’t have done it without her!