week 22 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksHello, summer! It was Liam’s last week of (pre)school before breaking for the summer, and of course, he got a double ear infection the second-to-last day and had to make a trip to see the doctor. Thankfully the meds (and his best buddy Winston, who took good care of him while he recovered) helped him bounce back fast, and he was able to celebrate the last day of school with his teacher and friends… where they had all kinds of fun playing with water tables!

We got two new pieces of art this week; daddy’s not-so-surprise Father’s Day gift arrived a little early, and we opened it together – a large canvas print of Liam and daddy swinging together on the swings at the park. I love that photo so much. It fit perfectly on the wall in the living room with all of our other family photos. Liam got a new dinosaur print for his bedroom, too. A beautiful canvas by artist Michael Tompsett, whose design of the world map made completely out of dinosaurs became a fantastic addition to the dinosaur bedroom.

So summer has begun for Liam, and he’s wasted no time diving right in to being a superhero with Lovey and George (aka Monkey), playing LEGO, swinging at the park, and meeting up with his cousin William. Mama has two 4-day weeks left of work and then she’ll be able to enjoy summertime with Liam, too. Can’t wait!