week 22 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksIt’s summer! This week was full of changes; maternity leave ended and I went back to work, but only for the last four days of the school year. It was quite an adjustment getting up and going to work so early, and leaving girlie for the first ten hour stretch. Lila stayed home with Lucas and he watched her while I took Liam with me and dropped him off at school.

Monday was Memorial Day, and we spent most of the day outdoors in the sun. Lila tried on her sunhat, which was a bit too big, but she’ll grow into it. Liam shared his pool with the neighbor, and they had fun splashing together. I went back to work on Tuesday for the first time and couldn’t wait to get home to snuggle my little girl. Liam had one final homework assignment where he drew what he was going to miss the most about school this summer… his friends. Liam finished out another great year of preschool. He sure will miss his friends and teachers this summer!

This weekend we blew bubbles, ran through the sprinkler, and played in the backyard. Lucas and Liam helped to measure out how big our new patio is going to be. We’re looking forward to building a patio space soon and being able to spend even more time out there! Our new pitcher plant, a gift from a work friend, is going to hopefully keep the mosquitoes and bugs at bay out there. We named her Audrey Three. I hope I don’t kill her.

Here’s to summer and all kinds of fun and exciting changes coming our way.