week 23 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksThe first full week of summer break sure was a busy one! “Busy” is going to be par for the course this month, that’s for sure. It was my first full week home with both kids for the first time, (Because Liam was still attending preschool all this time while I was on mat leave) and I also decided it would be a good week to start potty training. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, but we had to start sometime! Liam is very proud of his new big boy underwear – Batman and DC Super Friends themed, of course. We’ve had ups and downs this week, but overall he’s doing really well, and he’s told me repeatedly that he’s proud of himself, which is great. We’re going to keep on working at it!

Our friend Katie dropped by for a dinner date one evening on her way through to visit her grandma. She got to meet Lila and see Liam again; it’s been awhile since her last visit, and she and Liam had all kinds of fun blowing bubbles together after we got home from dinner. The boys have been playing baseball in the back yard and Liam is a real natural; I couldn’t believe how many times he connected with the ball!

On Friday, we gave Lucas one of his Father’s Day gifts a little early: a cordless weed eater. It should make yard work a lot easier and the gift was well received. (And no more extension cords will get dragged through my tulips and bushes anymore, hooray!) This weekend we went down to visit our friends Jake and Jenn, and Liam got to play with their daughter, Emerald. It had also been awhile since we’d seen them, and it was the first time they had met Lila. It sure was nice to see them and get to spend some time together again. (And the burgers were fantastic!) We also learned that it’s awfully hard to carry on a conversation with two toddlers and an infant in the room, haha. Jake took Liam and Emerald on a bike ride in their new bike trailer, and the kids had a blast.