Week 24 – 52 Collages 2013

week 24 - 52 collagesHappy Father’s Day! This week we (as usual) played outside a lot, including at least one trip to the park and exploring with bubbles in the backyard. We’re dog sitting for a friend, and Mr. Fluff has temporarily become part of the family while he’s here. Liam loves having a pint-sized friend to take on walks, and Winston loves having a dog buddy to roughhouse with. For Father’s Day, Liam and I made daddy a “back rub shirt” and giving daddy a back rub is one of Liam’s new favorite activities. I finally finished the baby blanket I was knitting for our new nephew, Jackson, and was able to give it to him. To celebrate Father’s Day, we had a barbecue together and it was nice to spend time with family.