week 24 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksJune just keeps getting busier and busier! This week we went on our first hotel adventure with the whole family so that I could attend a teaching conference on project based learning. And an adventure it was – five days in a hotel with two young kids where I had to get up and go to “work” each day? Liam went with me and attended daycare provided by the conference. He has a recent obsession with finding and pointing out American flags, and so we’d spend the drive to and from the hotel counting each one we came across. Believe it or not, we passed an American flag STORE along the side of the road on the route we took, and so on the last day we stopped to get Liam his very own little flag. Liam enjoyed the hotel’s whirpool tub, pushing the buttons on the elevator, and going swimming for the first time ever. He had so much fun in the pool! You’d have thought he’d been swimming all his life with how well he took to the water.

Lila learned how to roll over during the trip. Once she knew how, she never wanted to be on her back. It took a few days of some restless nights for all of us (being cooped up together in the same hotel room to sleep!) before she got comfortable sleeping on her stomach. Now her bassinet feels too small for her; it’s time to put the crib together!  Lila is now a tummy sleeper like her mama, and thumb sucker like her mama was when she was little, too.

Lucas’ dad and step-mom arrived in from Canada this weekend and are staying with us for a few days. It has been great for them to meet Lila for the first time, and see how much Liam has grown since their last visit. Papa and Liam practiced baseball in the backyard together. For Father’s Day, Liam gave Lucas matching t-shirts that say, “Poutine c’est bon!” and they looked really cute together. We celebrated with a family cook out at my brother and sister-in-law’s house.  My dad had fun wrestling with all of the grandsons as they played in a large cardboard box that contained one of his gifts. I’m thankful we got to spend Father’s Day with all of our dads.