week 25 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksIt’s summertime and it’s HOT outside! To beat the heat, we’ve had epic lightsaber battles inside and played flying superheroes. Liam’s favorite teacher, Brooke, babysat on my two last days of work before MY summer break began, and now that I’m on vacation for the rest of the summer, Liam and I have been finding all kinds of ways to stay cool AND have fun, both indoors and out. One day we went to the bouncy castle place, and then we bought a kiddie pool so that we could have fun outside in the sun. Liam practiced taking Winston for a walk, but in the end I’m not sure who was really walking who. We went and visited grandma at work one afternoon, and Liam has shown us that he can draw fish. On everything. Including my car. (Oops.) Daddy transferred training wheels to a slightly smaller bike, (Liam helped) so that Liam could try riding his bike again, and I think we’ll have it by the end of the summer. Taking a trip to the local organic grocery store inspired us to cook some new dishes, and I made a huge bowl of homemade chicken salad to enjoy all week long. What a great start to (my) summer!